About the Show

Fresh from its smash-hit North American and Italian tours, Siddhartha, The Musical makes its UK premiere at the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. Inspired by Herman Hesse’s timeless novel, an international cast of 18 tell the story of Prince Siddhartha’s quest for spiritual enlightenment with a sizzling, Italian and South Asian-influenced pop-rock score and brilliantly powerful performances.

This adaptation of an iconic personal journey of discovery will delight fans of the novel, as well as audiences who enjoy great musical theatre. Siddhartha began as an inmate rehabilitation programme in Milan’s Maximum Security Prison.

In 2006, singer-songwriter Isabeau was contacted by the Opera Jail, a maximum-security prison in Milan, to conduct a musical workshop, aiming to help rehabilitate its inmates. During the workshop, she established a musical theatre programme where all Opera prison inmates, even those with life sentences, participated as cast and crew. Four years and three successful musicals later, one of the musicals, Siddhartha, transferred to a theater in Milan, to critical and commercial praise.

“It is astonishing that Siddhartha’s evolution began in the Italian prison system, and grew into a full scale musical that has toured extensively through Italy in the last year,” said producer Gloria Grace Alanis. “We are excited to introduce Siddhartha, the Musical into the US marketplace, and hope that this concert version will give audiences a taste of what’s to come for our show.” Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha is one of the best-regarded and most widely read books of the twentieth century, and contributed to Hesse’s reception of the Nobel Prize in 1946. The novel has been translated into dozens of languages, including several different English versions, and was adapted into a film in 1972. In the nearly hundred years since its publication, Siddhartha has sold tens of millions of copies.